Our history

Evocure, created in Brussels by a team of experts in medical cosmetology, is the result of the observation that too many products available in the cosmetic market  contain low concentrations of active ingredients to have a noticeable aesthetic effect.

Thanks to our latest scientific advances, we offer to our clients state-of-art cosmeceutical products that
effectively rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the natural production of collagen.

Our values

Offer  rejuvenating, visible and sustainable results.

Our products all have one thing in common: they are designed with advanced active principles with the ambition to achieve a maximum regenerative action.

We only use ingredients used in aesthetic medicine and indicate their exact concentration.


Our products

EVOCURE can be defined by three words: science, purity and effectiveness. Our products contain a limited number of active principles in high concentration blended in a hyaluronic acid carrier. Designed to offer a high hypoallergenic tolerance, all our products do not containp, Parabens, polyethylenes, pjtalates,  colorants or comedogenic substances. Designed to have visible rejuvenating effects, they reduce the signs of aging by stimulating the Dermis to produce more collagen which the quantity decreases significantly with age.

Scientifically proven effectiveness

EVOCURE uses the most powerful active principles whose effectiveness has been proven and confirmed by independent scientific studies.


High Concentration of Active Principles

EVOCURE uses dosages of active ingredients in order to achieve the best anti-ageing result that contemporary science has to offer.


We want to revolutionize the world of cosmetics with more transparency.
This is why we indicate the exact concentration of active principles on each product.



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1200 Brussels

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