Hair Growth Factor Serum


Stimulates the development of capillaries around the bulb and slows down hair loss

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With age, due to genetic factors, the capillaries supplying the bulb tend to shrink and to become thinner, causing poor nutrition of the hair as well as increased sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Based on these observations, the new Hair Growth Factor Serum was invented to act simultaneously on the degradation of capillaries and other factors mainly responsible for the degradation of the quality of the hair.

It works by stimulating the development of capillaries around the bulb through the
Vascular growth factors (VEGF), proteins responsible for initiating the development of blood vessels.

When the network of capillaries is redensified, the bulb is gradually better fed and  hairs grow visibly healthier, stronger and thicker.

Data sheet

Conditions Hair loss
Size 100ml
Ingredients • Vaso Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF) (0.2 ppm) • Peptides (4 %) • Caffeine (2%) • L-Lysine (1.5%)
Instructions for use • Apply 2 doses to the hairline and to the bald areas every day before going to bed • Gently massage with your fingertips to ensure full absorption by the scalp • Hair loss is usually inhibited within a few weeks of use • Use a special shampoo for weak hairs that contains no harmful substances for the bulb (avoid products containing Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate) • Whenever possible, wash your hairs with a dry shampoo (in spray) every other day to slow down hair weakening • The use of a derma stamp micro needler before product application can increase the amount of active ingredients absorbed by the scalp, which is ideal for completely bald areas • Continue the treatment on a regular basis for as long as possible. The first results on hair regrowth are usually visible after few months of regular use • Can be used as a complement to treatments like Finasteride or Minoxidil • Do not swallow. In case of accidental ingestion contact the National Poison Control Center
Results • Slows hair loss • Restores hair shine and vitality • Stimulates hair growth. Optimal treatment duration: minimum 3 months.


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Hair Growth Factor Serum

Hair Growth Factor Serum

Stimulates the development of capillaries around the bulb and slows down hair loss